Read your heartline

 – Will’s Heartline –

The heartline is pointing up to the middle finger. This is typical for people with a strong energy. The outgoing personality is really a mask to hide their shyness. That sort of a person has a hard time saying “I like you”, but they easily gets the sympathy because of their mild and kind being.

– Irma’s Heartline


A heartline which points a little up, just at the middle of the index finger. This is typical for a person with a sense of irony. When in comes to their love life they have a tendency not to notes the ideal partner. Even though her/she is right in front of them.

– Taranee’s Heartline –


A long and thin line, which ends between the middle and index finger. This is typical for a person who is a natural romantic, even though you can’t just see it. It often lasts for ever if this person falls in love, even though there might be a lot of downsides.

– Cornelia’s Heartline –


The line is going in a straight line across the hand. This is typical for a person who is a big realist when it comes to feelings. These people is not letting their feelings take over, but when the meet “the one”, they give 100% of them self.

– Hay Lin’s Heartline –


A long heartline, that ends in many different directions. This is typical for a person who is no that good at falling inlove, they are very certain of what they want in a partner. They are more busy having fun with their friends. Just wai