Pebble prophet

By throwing a handfull of dirt or pebbels we can see what the future brings. The ancient Arabs used dirt, the Indians uses (and some still do) dried seeds. While the caribbean/south american sand sayers prefer shells.

YOU NEED:stones

  • A quiet place
  • Seven small stones
  • A pen and paper
  • A maker
  • To answer questions concerning school: a yellow piece of square cloth
  • To answer questions concerning love: a red piece of square cloth
  • To answer questions concerning friendship: a green piece of square cloth


Draw a circel with a line down the middel (like “Ø”) on each piece of cloth these will be your magical base. Before asking your question you need to empty your mind of all thoughts. You mush only concentrate on the person or situration you want to know more about.

If you want to know if you’re gonna make you crush fall in loe with you. You throw the stones three times on the red cloth. If most of the stones land on the upper part of the circel you draw a long line on your paper. You have to draw for each throw.

If moste of the stones land on the lower part of the cloth you draw a short line on your paper.

If your question is about sonthing related to school you use the gellow cloth. And if you have questions about friendship you use the green cloth.



If you have drawn 3 long lines: What you want will happen. Just be open and take the first step. Remember to be positiv.

If you have drawn 3 short lines: You can count on getting the help you need. Your family got your back. A little luck will make you more confident.

If you have drawn two long and one short line: Some times it is better to just keep quiet. Some good news will save you from trouble

If you have drawn two short and one long line: Listen to your dreams you will find the answer there. Trust your intuition it will never fail you.