How do you sleep?

This is my pillow!


You are strong and you know what your goal is. But you are a little afraid to take some action. You need to get some cheering up, and a little push.
Magical dreams you will get if you sleep with a blue bed sheet.
Prince charming is a little shy when it comes to girls, but he is a real leader when he is around boys.

Flat on the stomach!  


You are full of life, and happiness, and you have a tendency to let you mind fall into dreams and fantasies.
Magical Dreams you will get if you let some fresh air float through your room about 15 minutes befor you go to bed.
Prince Charming can be light or dark, tall or short. The only thing that really counts, is that you have fun together.  

On the edge of the bed!


You are a thoughtful girl, who dreams of exotic countries far away. Still you love the world you live in right now.    
Magical Dreams you will get if you a candle with the smell of citrus, to have at you bed side.
Prince Charming is a guy who loves sitting at a bonfire, with his backpack, sleeping bag and sitting and playing his guitar.

The cuddling cat!


You are confident and have a lot of temper. You follow your intuition and you don’t mind saying your opinion.
Magical Dreams you will get if you take a long hot bath, with a flower fragrance before you go to bed.
Prince Charming is a true gentleman: beautiful, brave and protecting.

I surrender!


You are creative and have a very open mind, you like to have everything under control
Magical Dreams you will get if you sleep en a white pajamas, made of silk or cotton.
Prince Charming is a hero or an alien. Who knows maybe his is a studens at your school.