Which is your magic place? – answers


Most number of moons

test2You are an incurable friendly little witch! You dream about balls with long dresses, or strass suits, good friends who would do anything just to be your friend, hanging like Tarzan from the windowsill.cas So, the imposing rooms of a castel are the ideal place to express your personality best. A country house rather far from the world, where You can take shelter, surrounded by your best buddies.

Your saying: The world can wait!


Most number of candles

LightYou are a free spirit! Who enjoys opening to others and getting them to know you, step by step. The woods is your environment. Among the century old trees and the elves hidden behind forred leaves, you can give the best of yourself! The perfume of the mushroom fills you with life force and makes your sweet melancholy cheerful. Witty as few people, you manage to find, in the most unforeseen situations, the right words to turn everything into something positive.

Your saying: A UFO in the hand is worth two bores in the bush.


Most number of stars

starAn abandoned farmstead, with the recall of one’s frenetic and happy life, can make you feel really magical. Your energy and your will to move will be affected positively by the influences of this place andUntitled-1 make you feel strong: no obstaclemis insuperable any more! You are the energy of a volcano, the water that boils in the geyser. With the others you are naturally the undisputed leader.

Your saying: She who does not dance in a group is an insolent or a spy.


Most number of keys

keyYour password is dreaming! You like writing and digging into the past. So, is there a better place to express all your magic, than a ceiling full of memories? Among old Photos and newspaper cuttings,at alone with the silence, your imagination starts flying. However, remember you don’t have A broom, yet! As a friend, you are the shoulder on which everybody can always rely.

Your saying: She who does not fly with the fantasy is the ineptest of ever!