Where is your magic strongest? – answers


In most siturations you can take care of yourself, and you always know how to act. Tactics, this is you strongest side. Your magic is strong and you transfrom as quick as wink. You addapt like a chameleon, and other witces envy you. Just be sure not to caome across as shallow and thoughless.



You have a rare gift to stop before your mind goes wild. You magic is good and almost a real witch worthy. You only need a bit more confidence. To enhance this you should try starting you day with Irmas spell “Water, water, magical friend. Bring all sadness to an end”. Be careful not to be too controlling. You risk being unpredictable.


sunmoon MOST MOONS:

You are very strong minded and resolute. When you set you mind on something you don’t rest till is is so. Not even the worst threats cen break you. Your magic is from time to time a bit weak. To make this better you should keep practicing. Be careful no to scare others with your cocksureness.