Past, present or future – Answers

Ci Past

You’re a typical dream, romantic and sensitive. When a friend has problems. you are always willing to listen, to comfort and encourage her. You never forget the past. Your friends like you very much. They appreciate your honesty and blindly trust you.

sq Present

You are always living in the present. You are very practical and do not like too much chitchat. When something needs to be said or done you get straight to the point. You are very outgoing and like to be surrounded by people. Your friends think you Can be relayed on and almost always in a good humor.

tri Future

Delete it and move on! For you, the future will prevail. You hate to ponder over things that have happened, done is done. You are very curious and always have an abundance of plans. Your friends may think you can be a little crazy but they are certainly never bored with you. You are always full all ideas.

Machine generated alternative text: Slet det og gå videre I or dig vr det tremtiden. der gæl der. Du hader at gruble over ting. som er sket, Cjort er gjort. Du er meget nysgerrig og har altid et weld af pla ner. Dine veninder synes måske nok, du kan være lidt skor men de keder sig i hvert fald aldrig sammen mccl dig. Du er nemlig altid fuld al ideer.