Past, present or future


1. Which magical ability would you choose?

CiTurn people I don’t like into frogs

sqMake me invisible

triRead other peoples minds

2. Which is your favorite pizza?


sqNothing special

triOne with a lot of different toppings on

3. Have you been disappointed by a friend?

CiYes, a long time ago

sqNo I do my best to avoid it

triNo and I hope I never will

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

CiRead books and comics


triBeing on social media

5. If you had a time machine you would…

CiRelive something from your past

sqNot use it

triFind out what will happen to you in the future

6. Which scent do you like the best?

CiFreshly baked bread

sqMowed mowed lawn


7. What do you do when you meet “him”?

CiLook the other way

sqLook him directly in the eye

triFollow him from a distance

8. When do you do your homework?

CiAfter a little rest

sqRight after school

triLate in the afternoon

9. Do you show your emotions?

CiNot very often – I am shy

sqYes, always

triDepends on the situation

10. Which season do you like the best?

CiFall and spring



11. What do you associate with snow?


sqSnow balls and snow men


12. How do you feel before a test?

CiYou are calm. You know you are well prepared

sqYou are a little nervous but hope it is going to be okay

triYou are extremely nervous. You are sure you haven’t studied enough

13. What do you do if anyone hurts you?

CiYou tell them that it is not okay

sqYou are hurt but try to hide it

triPretend that nothing happened

14. Do you often look at old photos?

CiYes and it makes you long for those times

sqLook him directly in the eye

triFollow him from a distance

15. What type of movie do you prefer?







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