Are you a fairy or a witch – answers


SpiderpngYou are a fairy!
When you speak people listen. Your eyes can make even the most shy birds sing on demand. (maybe you have and wand hidden in your eyelashes?). You are always honest, if you tell a small lie it is to everyones best. Your lucky amulet is a connected to a gift given to you by a family member



broomYou are a bit fairy and a bit witch!
Are you sure you have answeret everything truthfully? If you have you are pretty special. You are kind but may at times be a bit forgetful. You are the center of the world but for most of the time you forget that. That is also the reason why you don’t notice that other people are interested in you. You have the power to spell other when you cat like a witch, and you can make them think your a fairy.



pumpkinYou are a witch!
Nobody can resist your mystic enchantment. And no warlock in existence can come up with a spell against your charisma. You don’t fly on a broom nor do you have warts, how can you be called a witch? Simpel, you always have something buzzing around you (incluing flies)and you don’t do a single thing for it to happen. Your most amazing spell is you alwas surprise yourself.