The Wells of Fog

fog00Title: The Wells of Fog
Original title: The Wells of Fog
Author: Cecilie Eken
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder and Jette Darre
Cover: E. Melaranci and M. Damiani
Illustrations: D. Baldoni and M. Damiani
Published: 2004
Pages: 128
Chapters: 9
Main character: Will



“Will never managed to answer, for in the same moemnt the fog slid in front of her and hid the others. When it went back again a few meters in front of her she suddenly saw another figure who was coming along on a bike. He was surrounded by fog and saw confused about himself.
“Matt!” It was more than a cry, it was a scream. But Matt did not seem to hear her. He didn’t turn his head but continued past her.”


A mysterious fog rolls in over the Heatherfield. Hay Lin hears a voice cry out for help, and in a puddle Irma sees a little girl holds a pleading hand up towards her. Someone needs WITCH badly, but Matt’s grandfather is in the hospital, so Matt urgently need Will.
Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin have no doubt – they must leave immediately find the child and fight the fog.Will feels torn and confused. Will she always have to lie and lead a double life? What should she choose:
Kandrakar heart or Matt.