The Storms of Windmor

storm00Title: The Storms of Windmor
Original title: Vejrmagerens Storme
Author: Cecilie Eken
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder and Jette Darre
Cover: Elisabette Melaranici
Coloring: Mara Damiani
Illustrations: Paolo Campinoti
Published: 2005
Pages: 160
Chapters: 9
Main character: Hay Lin



“”That does not look good” Irma managed to say before a blinding white light made her squint. Just ahead of them the darkness was torn apart by a circular opening, and out of the circle came a puff of wind that sent both her and the others tumbling to the ground. It was like finding themselves in the middle of a hurricane. It crackled in the pine trees along the path, and Irma had to hold her hands up to protect her face from the small stone, earth and branches that suddenly filled the air around her.
“Hay Lin!” she screamed as loud as she could. “Do something!””


Hay Lin has always loved aliens, so when a luminous circle pops up at the sky and draws her into a super-modern hi-tech world, her first thought was: “How Spaced!”
But what does the mighty Weather Maker  want with her magical powers? And why do the rest of W.I.T.C.H. not just come and bring her back?