The Iceflower

is00Title: The Iceflower
Original title: Isblomsten
Author: Josefine Ottesen
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder and Jette Darre
Cover: E. Melaranci and M. Damiani
Illustrations: D. Baldoni and M. Damiani
Published: 2004
Pages: 112
Chapters: 9
Main character: Cornelia



“”Beware!” Hay Lin threw herself under one of the trees to hidefrom the Snow Dragon, which swooped over the ice forest. It was huge and its ice fur shone and sparkled like diamonds. The large wings that carried it with breathtaking speed over the frozen forest were transparent like glass, and each wing beat sent a piercing cold wind towards the girls. They clung to each other and Taranee worked hard to create a blanket of warmth around them.
“Do not think you can escape the Ice Queen” screeched a voice.”


Why does Cornelia suddenly behave so cold and dismissive of her friends? And why does she suddenly go off to the Thousand Rivers Country all alone and without consulting with the other WITCH girls about it first?
Will, Irma, Taranee and Hay Lin has no doubt – there is something very wrong! They rush after her, and before they know it, they find themselves in a barren, cold ice desert with no trace of Cornelia, with no trace of life…