The Golden Spring

gyl00Title: The Golden Spring
Original title: Den Gyldne Kilde
Author: Josefine Ottesen
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder and Jette Darre
Cover: Elisabette Melaranici
Coloring: Mara Damiani
Illustrations: Daniela Vetro
Published: 2005
Pages: 144
Chapters: 10
Main character: Irma



“Dear Diary. I have no idea what I should do.” A large tear fell on what Irma had just written and smudged the ink from the pen out. She wiped her eyes and continued:
“I think that I will simply wither and dry up like a jellyfish that have benn thrown on the beach if I do not get to practice with Crimson Fire. Why does noone understand me?”


Irma has gotten bad grades again, and her father demands that she stay at home every night to do homework. At the same time her mother is expecting that she helps at home. Irma feels misunderstood: When are they expecting, she should see her friends? And there’s a band at school who is looking for a new lead singer – but how will she have time to practice with them?  There is also a message from Kandrakar! A princess has been kidnapped by a powerful magician and it is Witchs task to rescue her…