The Flame of Clarity

flam00Title: The Flame of Clarity
Original title: Klarhedens Flamme
Author: Maud Mangold
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder and Rikke Clausen
Illustrations: D. Baldoni
Coloring: Mara Damiani
Published: 2005
Pages: 126
Chapters: 19
Main character: Taranee



“Taranee slowly raised her hands and gently let  the fire flare out from her fingertips. It was important not to scare the flame. It flickered again, but then took strength. Taranee let more fire flows to it. And then a little more. Slowly the Flame of Clarity regained it’s power. It shone clear now. First it was just blue, then it was a light blue and finally white as chalk.”


A strange shadow appears on the images Taranee has taken with her new camera. It hadn’t been there at least not when she took them! At night she dreams weird dreams of a small, angry man with a fungal formed hat and a blue flame that is about to go out.
Taranee has no doubt – someone need WITCH, someone needs her to blow life into the flame again! But she learn that it is no ordinary fire, but a flame that carries the future in it. If it goes out, time will slow down and if the king do not look into it, the evil forces will be free to enter the country. And much indicate that it has already happened…