Simpukan salaisuus

simp_coverEnglish titel (translated, never pulished): Seashell Secret
Original titel: Świat muszli
Author: Eva Carvani
Illustrations: Daniela Vetro, Paolo Campinoti & Mara Damiani
Published: 2008
Pages: 168
Chapters: 5 + epilog
Main character: Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia & Hay Lin



In this novel the W.i.t.c.h. girls team up with the witches on Island Reef. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin learn that in the surroundings of the island often they see the waters form strange eddies, and in the depths of the ocean ships disappear. The girls decide to explore the depths, and on the way they uncover the terrible truth about the Other World. Mysterious lighthouse, old map, the magic triangle, weird fish are just some of the puzzles that the girls will have to unravel.