Heartbreak Island

heartTitle: Heartbreak Island
Original title: Merefire
Author: Lene Kaaberbøl
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder
Published: 2002
Pages: 111
Chapters: 10
Main character: Taranee



“At the middle of the room a big round stone jar stood. Something swirled in it with a phosphor green light. A swirl like the one in my dream. A whirlpool.  But whatever it was made of, it was not clear and pure like water. I stared at it and felt very uncomfortable.
The floor of the chaper was covered by a fine layer of sand. In the sand somebody had written a message.
Come to me little witch – if you dare
By the message was Peters watch.”



When Tarannee tells her brother that she wished that she would never have to see him again, she didn’t mean it. But when Peter dosen’t come home from a windsufring trip, Taranee cannot stop feeling like it is her fault. The coast guard and the police have no leads. Something is wrong and Taranee has no doubt: This is a mission for W.I.T.C.H.