A Touch of a Star

star00Title: A Touch of a Star
Original title: Et strejf af en stjerne
Author: Lene Møller Jørgensen
Graphical design: Rasmus Funder and Jette Darre
Coloring: Mara Damiani
Illustrations: Paolo Campinoti
Published: 2007
Pages: 128
Chapters: 10
Main character: Hay Lin



“On the other side of the door Hay Lin went slowly up the stairs to her room. She stopped in the dore and saw how the white sheet of paper lay waiting for her. Waited and required to be filled out. She bent down and picked one of the hard knotted paper balls up. Gently she smoothed it open and stared at the many black lines. Stars. The lines formed stars. Small stars, big stars, crooked stars and perfect stars. All with five points. The entire sheet was filled out with five pointed stars.”


The Museum of Modern Art in Heatherfield have a competition for young design talents. Draw a piece of jewelry that the museum can use and sell in its shop. Just a task for Hay Lin! But every time she sits down at the desk, she lose all her ideas, and the only thing she can create, is a five-pointed star. Has she lost her talent?
It turns out that Irma, Cornelia, Will and Taranee been occupied by stars aswell, and soon the five girls on the way to a world where the stars are fading and the darkness is coming…