15. The Courage to Choose

15Title: The Courage to Choose
Adapted by: Kate Egan
Cover design: Roberta Presseli
Comic equivalent: Issue 15
Publisher: Hyperion
Published: 2005
ISBN: 0-7868-5193-7
Pages: 144
Chapters: 15
Price: 4.99$


Angered by the Oracle’s decision not to punish the Guardians, Luba travels to Heatherfield with the intention of confronting Cornelia. This stirs the girl’s temper and awakens dark forces, too. With Cornelia’s newfound strength, she sets out to do something secret and unthinkable. Unaware of Cornelia’s plan, the four other Guardians are unprepared for the new danger that lies ahead as of a result of the choices Cornelia has made.