Will’s Room



Will’s room is her personal hiding place. When she needs to relax the throws her self at the bed, and place her feet on the shelf. Will’s favourite colour is pink, so that was the inspiration for the room, when they moved to Heatherfield.


Will started to collect frog when she was 8 years old. The first frog she got was from her grandmother (on her dad’s side). Her grandmother use to call her “my little frog” because Will always jumped around in her bed. Her collection now has 40 frogs in total.


Because Will can talk to mechanical stuff, her clock has an idea that she likes to be woken by him talking to her. He continuously keeps reminding her all morning, about what she has do before going to school. The clock was a present from her old classmates, back at Fadden Hills. On the goodbye card they wrote “So you will remember us every morning”. Will get up between 7 – 7:15 each morning.



Will uses her computer for school and to write her virtual diary (locked with private password). Here she writes all her thoughts and dream, by now there are many pages about Matt. Will also sends tons of emails to her old classmates, and to Taranee. She helps her mom to get around on the internet aswell. Will has a screensaver with 10 frogs jumping around and quaking.


Will almost never cleans out her closet in summer, to get all the winter cloth out. Right now the closet contains 8 pars of jeans/trousers, 5 sweatshirts (3 are hoodies), 5 long-sleeved t-shirts, 2 dresses (one she wore at hallowee, the other was a gift from her mother), one short skirt (never worn), 5 sweaters (blue, red and green) and 2 training outfits.



Irma’s Room



If Irma was a colour, she would be pink. If she was eatable, she would be a cookie. If she was a sport, there was need for a new one, something with phone calls. Irma can spend hours talking on the phone, mostly with Hay Lin, Joel and Stephen. She is the beat talker when she is lying on her bed or on the floor. Irma’s room is inspired by a southern private island, with the most beautiful beach. 


In this Irma writes all her deepest thoughts down. A few years back Christopher mistook it for being a colouring book, since then Irma keeps it tightly locked. Every night she writes everything that has happed, she even put pictures of friends and idols in it.


The pop- and rock star Karmilla is Irma’s biggest idol. The poster has a very special spot, it is the last thing she sees when she go to school and the first thing she sees when she come home. She got the poster 2 years ago and it has being hanging there ever since, wile other bands must live with getting torn down after a month or two.

Leafys corner:

Irma absolutely loves her turtle! She bought him a wile back, in the Olsen’s Pet shop. She gave him the name Leafy because, he simply loves salad leafs. Hay Lin helped Irma with the terrarium for Leafy, and made it fit with Irma’s personal style. Sometimes Irma takes him with her when she is taken a long hot bath in the tub.



Irma got this in her 12 birthday present from her parents. Music is her biggest passion, it even comes before her phone. No matter what she is up to, there is always music playing in the background.

CDs and books:

Irma loves her CD collection, and the main theme in the CDs is off cause Karmilla. She has all of her CD, and the one she got personally from Kramilla it the one that is always playing. The books are mainly her schoolbooks, they are close to the desk, so when she finally do some homework they are not that far.


This photo was taken a few years back. It is a picture of the Lair family all together. Irma is a real family person, and she misses the rest of her family. She keeps it on the wall so every time the changes the music she will get reminded of them.



Taranee’s Room



The style in Taranee is very much inspired by her African roots, and the fire in her personality. She likes the fact that it is very colourful and still is very light and stylish. Taranee is very organised when it comes to her room, she never loses any of her stuff.


Taranee has a lot of pearls for her hair, she keeps them all in the drawers by her desk. She has about 60 pearl in 15 different colours. She keeps all the pearls on a box in the top drawer. Every morning she grabs a mirror from the same drawer, and chooses the colours that fit her cloth best at that particular day.


Her closet is just another really good example, on how organised Taranee is. All her clothes is organised in jeans, sweaters, t-shirst ect. And then by colour the lightest colours on the top. All her jackets are hanging just in front so they are easy to grab when she is on the move.


Taranee’s TV is always on when she is at home. Her favourite show is a documentary series, it is about nature and travel. It runs every Monday afternoon, and Taranee is glued to the screen every single time. When it is not on the documentary, it normally is on the music channel for when she is reading or making her homework.



Her computer is a another really important thing for Taranee. Here she looks for inspiration for new dances and photos. She off cause also makes her homework on it. When it comes to Emails, Taranee is much like Will, she emails her old class mates and off cause Will.

Wall art:

This Taranee found at a yard sale, not long after Witch was formed. She couldn’t help her self, and she had to own it! She however didn’t have the money for it, so she ran home and borrowed from her father. There was another buyer for the rug, but Taranee obstinate it.


Taranee loves cactuses. She hopes to one day, be so lucky that she can photograph a cactus flower. They are extremely rare, it has not succeeded yet.


This may well be the most personal and important thing in her room. She got the giraffe from her granddad when she was just a baby. It is made from coco tree, and its name is Zú. Taranee loves it so much, that she says “goodnight” to it each night.


Taranee always keeps her camera in her bag, no matter where she goes. It is a very big part of her. It was a birthday present from her mom and dad. She has a online block where she posts all her resent pictures.



Cornelia’s Room



Cornelia’s style is very much inspired by her ice skating. The whole room is filed with blank surfaces, like one big mirror. Her room is always very clean, and she likes that her stuff is well organised. Since she found her old diary under her bed, she has kept everything very clean so she won’t loose anything again. Cornelia is very glad that she doesn’t have to share a room with her sister as she did 2 years ago.

Sleeping habits:

Cornelia is very much like Napoleon (her cat), when she sleeps. She lies on her side, while almost hugging her legs. She can sleep through everything! There could be an earthquake and Cornelia would still sleep like a baby. The only times she wakes up in the middle of the night is, when she is troubled in her mind or if she had a bad dream. She is not a morning person, and she is not speaking to anyone for at least 15 minutes every morning.


Cornelia has countless trophies and medals, which she has won through ice skating. However the first medal she ever won is the one dearest to her. She won is a year after she started to skate, she really fought for it, and she got her well deserved 3 place and bronze medal.


This is properly the most new and modern furniture Cornelia has. She likes antique furniture, but this gave her room a whole other feeling. She likes that it really breaks the classical style. The desk is always spotless, so she can make her homework, and not be distracted.



Cornelia’s perfumes tell us that, she is a girl with good and expensive taste and scent. She prefer perfume, which smells of flower. A very happy and light scent is the best. It is very important for her that the products also are organic.


Cornelia’s hiding place. When she feels like being alone, she sits on the balcony, where she can see most of Heaterfield, especially the park is of interest to her. She loves looking at the people on the street, and tries to imagine how their lives are. Her dad sometimes come out her with her when she is sad, he always brings hot chocolate.


This was a present from Cornelia’s grandmother, when she finally got her own room, and it is an antique. Cornelia was very scared, when her grand mother said that she had a gift for her. Cornelia very mush dislikes her grandmother taste. She was pleasantly surprised, and it is now her favourite chair. She loves to sit in it on rainy days and read, and now and then glimpse up and look at the rain on the window.

Plush bears:

They reveal that Cornelia also has a very soft side. She keeps them all extremely clean (they are all washable). Each morning she place them in there personal spot, except for two who belong on the shelf. Lillian sometimes tries to steal them, and play with them, as she does with most of Cornelia’s belongings, this always ends up in a fight.


The softest and warmest slippers, you can buy for money. They have their own spot by the bed, so she easily can slip into them in the morning. Cornelia hated getting up to a cold floor!



Hay Lin’s Room


Hay Lin’s room really tells that she is artistic, and that she is proud of her roots. She loves everything that has something to do with Chinese culture and history. Her room is sort of separated in two, one side for her personal time and the other for all her creativity. Both sides are always all messed up, but Hay has no problem finding it all again.


Is there life on other planets? A question Hay Lin has asked her self since she was very little. She refuses to believe that we are alone in the universe. Her biggest dream is to one day (or night) meet a creature from outer space. She dreams that it would be beautiful, intelligent and a male. So he would take her with him to another solar system. Till then she collect plush aliens.


Traditional Chinese shoes, Hay Lin uses them as slipper though. She loves the feeling of blank wood under her feet. When she walks around in them she feels like she is en contact with nature eventhough she is inside.

Dressing board:

This original Chinese dressing board has been in the Lin family for generations. This was originally meant to be where the Lin family protector slept, but they changed it to the sign out front of the Silver Dragon. Hay Lin changes cloth behind it all the time, and she loves that fact that is makes her private fashion shows look more authentic.



This big aquarelle painting, this makes the whole style in the room complete. It was painted by Hay’s great granddad, he travelled around in china and painted beautiful landscapes. The Lin family can be proud of have 2 artists and one poet in just 2 generations. Hay is very proud of her family, and she dreams of being a artist her self.

Wind harp:

The wind harp is a very special item for Hay, and it has to do with a lot of emotions. Her grandmother gave it to her not long before she passed away. It was a big support and comfort to hear it, while she lied on her bed and thinking of memories.

Chinese signs:

Hay made these signs the day after she saw her grandmother in Kandrakar. It says “your smile is the key to a happy life”. She reads it every morning before she goes to school.


On Hay’s desk there is always a big pile of junk, which she has to move every time she has to do homework or draw. The computer is pretty much unused, since she got the laptop from Eric. Though that is used to talk with Eric and always check if there have been new UFO sightings.