Place in the classroom


energyWill’s seat

The best spot: At the window on second row
Reason: You can always keep a track on what’s happening outside, if the class gets to boring.
Downside: It can get a little cold in winter, and in summer you risk only getting tanned on one side of the face.
Features: A frog sticker in the left corner.
The next best spot: Next to Taranee, but only during pop-quiz in math.


waterIrma’s seat 

The best spot: On the back row, behind a pillar and right next to Hay Lin.
Reason: Here she can sit without she teacher can hear or see her, even when she is eating chips.
Downside: If there is trouble in the classroom she gets the blame.
Features: She has drawn flowers and hearts all over the table.
The next best spot: Next to Will, to hear what goes on outside.


fireTaranee’s seat 

The best spot: At the window, on the back row.
Reason: She can take a nap, without the teacher knowing it.
Downside: All sorts of discussing insects crawl in the window, during the summer.
Features: It’s extremely organized. The ruler and calendar is lying in the top right corner.
The next best spot: The table next to the teacher, so she could see better, but only in the math classes.


earthCornelia’s seat

The best spot: Way up front, in the middle row.
Reason: Here she can keep track on everything that is going on in the classroom.
Downside: It is impossible to with note, or to cheat during a test, without the teacher seeing it.
Features: It is always nice and clean, with a green pencil case in the top right corner.
The next best spot: Next to Irma, to keep her mouth shut.


air1Hay Lin’s seat

The best spot: On the back row next to Irma.
Reason: The teacher never looks that way.
Downside: Irma can sometimes be a very big distraction.
Features: Covered with drawing of aliens and clothes.
The next best spot: Next to the teacher for one day, so she could prove she is a good student.


Elyon’s seat

The best spot: Next to the teacher.
Reason: For tactical reason, she can spy on the rest of the class, but without the teacher noticing.
Downside: She can’t talk with anyone without being heard.
Features: It’s is covered with drawings.
The next best spot: Next to Cornelia, just to be more around her.