Cedric_humanLord Cedric is originally from Meridian and worked as a high raking servant for Prince Phobos. His sole goal was to please Phobos enough for him to let him become a “whisperer” one of Phobos closest advisers. During the period of Phobos reign Cedric did a lot of the dirty work. Back before the guardians was chosen and Phobos was still new to the throne. Cedric was charged with finding the painter Elias van Dahl and even later Cedric still gets the same kind of mission from Phobos. He was the person along with Vathek to snoop out the guardians even before they knew their destiny.

Cedric had traveled to Heatherfield and taken up residence in the “Ye Olde Bookshop” where he met up with the true regent of Meridian, Elyon. In fact the bookshop housed a portal to Meridian.

Cedric_serpentAfter the fall of Phobos both he and Cedric was taken to the Tower of Mist in Kandrakar. But not long after Phobos had tricked his way out and taken over at the Oracle, and freeing Cedric in the process. Again he got the mission of seeking out WITCH this time to attack them. After this battle and more deceptions Cedric is striped of all his powers and send to live on Earth in his human form.

His mission now is to find some way of getting his magic back. He starts doing research and find the Book of the Elements by Johnathan Ludmoore. He spirit of Ludmoore is still in the book and Cedric makes a deal with him to regain his powers. All he has to do is getting the book open. For this he needs WITCH.

Cedric and Orube develop a bond since they both are aliens on Earth. Even tough he still wants his powers back and even steals the Heart of Kandrakar to get them, he does not let Orube get hurt then Ludmoore strikes at her. He takes the blow for her and ends up dying.


Cedric is a master of deception. When under the reign of Phobos he and the ability to shape-shift. His signature shape is a human/serpent form but we also seem him change in to other humans. He can make magical energy blasts and barriers. He is able to detect magic and is an excellent tracker.  During the final battle for Meridian Phobos give him extra power in hope of him defeating WITCH this turning him in to a giant monster, this shape he is not able to take again.