Will Vandom

Quick info:

1willnormalName: Wilhelmina Vandom
Nickname: Will
Age: 15
Hight: 1,56 m
Birthday: January 19, the creator Barbara Canepa has the same birthday
Birth Sign: Capricorn
Animal: Fox
Element/Power: Heart Of Kandrakar
Weapon: Click-Claks
Colour: Pink
School: Class 3A with Cornelia & Elyon(in the beginning) at Sheffield Institute
Favourite Subject: Science & Biology
Family: She lives with her mom, step dad and little brother
Pet: Dormouse – Mr. Huggels
Crush: Matt
Scared of/allergys: She is allergic to nettles
Bestfriend: Taranee
Personality: Shy (she twirls her hair when nervous), loving and strong personality
Passions: Swimming and all items with frog theme


Will’s original name is Wilhelmina Vandom, but she dislikes her real name, not many in Heatherfield know her first name. She is born on the 19. January and she is a Capricorn. She has a lot of personality, but get easily effected by others feelings. She loves to swim, she has been doing it her spear time since she was little. She uses swimming not just to have fun, but to relax and get away form the dangers and her powers when she needs a break. The other way Will lets go of her porblems is by eating chocolate.
She has a love for animals of all kinds. She worked at the Olsen Petshop for a little wile. She has a special obsession of frogs, her room is filled with frogs. They remind her of her self, relaxed and down to earth.
Will’s best friend is Taranee, but the three other girls are just as important to her. She has a big crush on the bassist from the band Cobalt Blue. Now they are dating, but the relationship is not without jealousy and problems.



Will lives with her mom, step dad and little brother. She has a great relationship with them all now. In the beginning it wasn’t that easy, since her step dad also is her history teacher. She never meet her dad until she moved to Heatherfield. He walked out on her and her mother, when Will was just a small child. She use to live in Fadden Hills, but they moved to Heatherfield because of her mom’s job. We haven’t meet don’t meet other members of her family in the comic yet.
Then there is a very special other person, who was a part of the family. That is her pet, which has many different names depending of the country. He died in a car accident in one of the very early comics. He was also the reason that Will and Matt meet. He loved cookies and messing up Wills room.


Will is the leader of the group, and has the Heart of Kandrakar. Her power is called Quintessence, and it is a sort of spirit and energy based power. She has all four elements in her, and she is the strongest of the guardians.

– Energy blast
– Shield
– Communicate with mechanical items
– Animals are effected by her mood
– Can make astral drops
– Invisibility
– Teleportation
– Mind reading
– Super speed
– Force field
– Lightning blots
– Astral drops