Taranee Cook

Quick info:


Name: Taranee Cook 
Nickname: Tara
Age: 14
Birthday: March 23
Star Sign: Aries
Animal: Phoenix
Element/Power: Fire
Weapon: Ball
Colour: Orange/red
School: Class 2A with Irma & Hay Lin Sheffield Institute
Favourite Subject: Mathematics 
Family: She lives with her dad, mom and big brother (Peter have officially moved)
Crush: Nigel, Luca and Hamza
Scared of/allergys: She is deadly scared of insects 
Bestfriend: Will
Personality: Smart, strong minded and a little shy
Passions: She loves dancing, photography and basketball


Taranee is born on the 23 March, which makes her birth sign an Aries. She is a mix of African-American (her dad) and Asian-American (her mom). She is a smart girl, who always is serious. She does her best in school, and her favorite subject is math.  In her spear time she loves to do photography and dance. Dancing is her real passion, she dances at the Jensen Dance Academy, her favorite dancing style is hip-hop. She has a very strong mind about how she wants things to be. She left witch for some time, because she felt that they were kept in the dark by the oracle. She was replaced by Orube in several issues.
Taranee is also a very shy girl, she easily gets scared and sad, but she still manages to keep her head cold in tough saturations. This was proved very early on the comic, where she doesn’t bow to Elyons deceiving images. Taranee suffers from stage fright and she is deadly scared of all kinds of insects.
Taranee didn’t always live in Heatherfield, she use to live in Sesamo. Her family moved for the same reason as Will’s family, Taranees parents was offered work in Heatherfield. This was much against moving, since her friends and dance was in Sesamo. She however came to like Heatherfield very much.



Taranee has a fair enough relationship with her family, though she and her mother don’t always see eye to eye. Her mom has a very strong opinion about things are suppose to be. She has though been lightning up lately, since Taranee found out the was adopted, she has been much more nice and sensitive. Taranees father on the other hand is very leaned back, and takes everything as it comes.
She also has a bigger brother, Peter, she has properly the best relationship with her sibling compared to the other witch girls. She and her brother talks about everything, and they even share many friends. Peter is not embarrassed by have a great relationship with his sister. Since Peter moved away from home, Taranee have had a hard time accepting it, but she manages to keep her head high. We don’t see other parts of Taranee’s family or family friends. Taranee don’t have any pets either.


Taranee is the guardian of fire, her signature moves are fire balls/blasts and fire waves.

– Change the temperature of humans and objects
– Mind reading
– Non burning fire
– Fire arrows
– Flaming eyes
– Feel when the enemy is close
– Fire cannot burn her