Irma Lair

Quick info:  


Name: Irma Lair
Nickname: Creampuff, Potato, Onion ring, and French roll

Age: 14
Birthday: March 13
Birth Sign: Pieces
Animal: Dolphin
Element/Power: Water
Weapon: Tambourine
Colour: Light blue
School: Class 2A with Taranee & Hay Lin at Sheffield Institute,
Favourite Subject: Geography
Family:  She lives with her dad, stepmother and little brother
Pet: Turtle – Leafy
Crush: Andrew Hornby, Joel Wright, Luke Pradd and Stephan
Bestfriend: Hay Lin
Personality: Out going, fun and centre of attention
Passions: Irma is not the athletic type, she mainly dances and sings her lounges out when ever she gets the chance.


Irma was born on the 13. March, and her sign is Pisces. She is the joker in the group, she always has a funny comment about it, and she doesn’t care if anyone else thinks it’s funny. She still know when to stop, and she takes on the task with all her power. She is also the romantic person, and the one who is always flirting. Though she properly is the least serious member of the team, she loves her powers. She has always wanted to be special, and she likes to be the center of attention.
In her spear time she loves to eat, it is one of the biggest joys she has. Her favorite food is cake and chocolate. She loves to sing and dance, she always wanted to be in a band. Her favorite music is Rock, and her favorite band is Kramilla. To relax she takes long baths, where she disappears in to her own water world.
Irma’s love life use to be quite hectic. She had a major crush on Andrew Hornby, but she turned him into a frog, as she got cold feet. She has a sort of staler, Martin Tubbs, he has the biggest crush on Irma. Time after time she has to tell him that they are just friends. Then she had a little thing with a boy named Joel, They never had anything real serious. Her first real love however was Stephen.



Irma has a very close and loving family. She lives with her dad, step mom and little brother. Her mom died when she was just a baby. Though Irma and her step mom have some resemblances, they are not related. Irma’s dad is a police man, and Irma loves to go to his workplace.
She loves her brother, but he can still be a pain in the ass for her. He makes every possible saturation embarrassing for Irma. One more is worth telling about, her pet turtle, Leafy, he may be quiet but Irma find a comfort speaking with him about everything. She tells him all her secrets, and all that happens in her life. We don’t know any other parts of her family, but we see some of there friends, and colleagues.


Irma is the guardian of water, she can make everything with water.

– Water blasts
– Water stream
– Air bobbles
– Mind control
– Water bending
– Astral drop
– Make rain
– Create objects of water/ice
– Water images (no movement or personality)