Hay Lin

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Name: Hay Lin 
Nickname: Hay or Hay-Hey
Birthday: June 4
Age: 14
Birth Sign: 

Animal: Butterfly
Element/Power: Air 
Weapon: Fan
Colour: Dark blue
School: Class 2A with Irma & Taranee Sheffield Institute
Favourite Subject: Art 
Family: She lives with her dad, mom and grandmother (Yan Lin is now living in Kandrakar)
Crush: Eric
Bestfriend: Irma
Character: Creative, optimist and fun loving
Passions: Drawing, designing and sowing


Hay Lin was born on the 4. June, her birth sign is therefore Gemini. She is of Chinese origins. She is a very positive and out going girl, she can’t hold a grudge for very long. She was raised on Heatherfield, and have never been on a real vacation, since the family own a restaurant. Hay Lin is rather cheerful, and light spirited. She is a dreamer, with a big D. She is extremely gifted when it comes to creativity, she can draw, paint and sow. Hay Lin enjoys everything with science fiction, her room is filed with aliens.  When it comes to humor, it’s easy to see that Hay Lin and Irma are best friends. Their humor is a lot a like, though Hay Lin isn’t as extreme in her way of saying it. Hay Lin is not the athletic type, she enjoys being inside in the rain and drawing. Though she has stared at the Jensen Dance Academy, not that she dances a whole lot, but she is the teams cloth designer. In school Hay tries to make all subjects to something creative, and it works almost every time. She has a tendency to write everything on her hand, that was also the first place we saw W.i.t.c.h. being written (Hay Lin came up with the name). Hay Lin doesn’t have a very active love life, she is deeply in love with a guy named Eric. He is her first love, though they are far apart.



Hay Lin lives with her dad, mom and grandmother, in a Chinese restaurant called Silver Dragon. Her dad is a kind of leaned back business man, he is all for the restaurant, but he is a very caring father as well. Her mom takes care of the rest of the house, we don’t see her that much. Her grandmother was and is everything to Hay Lin. They have a very strong bond. Yan Lin is a old fashion Chinese, she knows a lot about the old traditions and stories, which sometimes help the girls on their adventures.The rest of the restaurant is also a part of Hay Lin’s family. Mainly we hear about the cook, whom has very bad teeth! But there is one more family member, who don’t get mush credit. The Silver Dragon guardian, he comes out if the family is in danger. He came out when Cornelia’s past was being deleted.


Hay Lin is the last girl in the group, and she is the air guardian.

– Storms
– Flying
– Air blast
– Levitate objects
– Air bubbles
– Change the climat
– Soundproof rooms
– Extremely good hearing
– Can recall others memories from sound
– Invisibility
– Communicate with air