Cornelia Hale

Quick info:


Name: Cornelia Hale 
Nickname: Corny
Age: 14
Birthday: May 10
Birth Sign: Taurus 
Animal: Unicorn
Element/Power: Earth
Weapon: Pennant
Colour: Green
School Class 3A with Will & Elyon Sheffield Institute
Favourite Subject: History 
Family: She lives with her dad, mother and little sister
Pet: Napoleon 

Crush: Caleb and Peter 
Scared of/allergys: She is terrified of water (she can’t swim)
Bestfriend: Elyon
Personality: Realist, romantic and serious
Passions: Ice skating and fashion 


Cornelia was born on the 10 of May, and that make her birth sign Taurus. She is a classical beauty, and she knows it. She is a strong realist, and not always as positive about the saturation as other is the group. She often has discussions with Will and Irma. Cornelia is a natural leader, and she is a little annoyed with Will being the leader. She has now accepted, and Will and she are very close. Before Witch her best friend was Elyon, she was almost forced to choose between Elyon and Witch. She refused to let Elyon slip into the darkness, and that is part of the reason Elyon is good today. Cornelia lives in a fancy penthouse apartment, with private swimming pool and badminton courts, in the rich part of Heatherfield.
I her spear time Cornelian loves ice skating and fashion. She has a very clean style, and in ice skating she has won countless prices. In school she is a good student, and her favorite sublecj is history. She is normally a kind and loving person, but she can hold a grudge for some time, if the person has hurt her deeply. She can though still be very romantic and faithful.
She hasn’t had that many boyfriends in her life. She has one major love, Caleb, they were together for some time, and she was really to their relationship. Caleb somehow found that they were too different, and he broke up with her, after she saved his life. Now she is with Taranee’s brother, whom the loves, and feels safe with.



Cornelia has a worm and friendly family, though it still has it ups and down. Cornelia’s mom is quite strict and has a firm grip on raising her children. Cornelia do however some times feel, that her mom only gives her little sister attention. Cornelia’s sister, Lillian, is a real pain it the ass for Cornelia. She loves stealing Cornelia’s stuff, and she is very fond of all the other girls in Witch. She always begs to come in Cornelia’s room, when Cornelia has visitors. Cornelia also has a cat, he is called Napoleon. He was given to her as a present from Will, just after Caleb was turned into a flower.

The person, who perhaps Cornelia loves the most in her family, is her father. His always there to keep the girls from fighting each other. Though she has a really great bond with most of her family, she doesn’t have that with her grandmother. Her grandmother is a very fine woman, who only wants the best! Cornelia loves her as family, but her grandmother tends to mess with everything. She keeps cleaning Cornelia’s closet, and she has a very strict version of what people are worthy of Cornelia’s friendship.


Cornelia is the earth guardian, she was very resistant from the powers to begin with. She finally realised that she properly was better of being a witch.

– Earthquakes
– Growing plants
– Moving rocks
– Communicate with plants
– Recall the past via nature
– Energy blasts
– Keeper of Breath of Time talisman
– Quicksand
– Create escape holes
– Telekinese
– Healing