Sheffield Institute



Sheffield Institute is named after its founder, Mr Sherwood J. Sheffield. He was a very successful banker, with a lot of money. He had never him self been in school, but he knew it was the way to build new and successful adults. He gave the school as a gift, to his home city Heatherfield over 100 years ago.


The school symbol is a pumpkin, it is shown on the top of the main entrance. This symbol was chosen because the school is build on top of an old pumpkin field. Mr. Sherwood J. Sheffield hoped that if he build the school there, it would bloom just as well as the pumpkins once did.

Pumpkin party:

Once a year, a big party is arranged in honour of Mr. Sherwood J. Sheffield’s birthday. The founder’s grandchild is each year invited, he will then make a speech, which goes on for ever! He won’t stop until all students have fallen into a deep sleep. This is the only “day-off” that can make all students wish it was an ordinary schoolday.


When director Sheffield became and elderly man, he could note that the school was doing great, so he gave the school a huge library. Mr. Sherwood Sheffield, the founders’ grandchild, did not only get the bank, which his granddad founded, but also the respect for his studies. He was almost as generous as his granddad. He gave 2000 new books, on the Sheffield Institute birthday. Now the students hope that the books, are more interesting than his speeches.


Miss. Knickerbocher is presently the headmaster on Sheffield Institute. She has been in that position for 7 years now. The first headmaster who took on the challenge, of teaching the young ones in Heatherfield, was named Folder. He ran a tough school for 25 and got the name, the whipping master. The made a promise, that none would leave the school without a proper education. Maybe he wouldn’t have made that promise if he had meet Uriah.

The ghost:

The story goes that the first headmaster of Sheffield, Mr. Folder, is haunting the school. Some students say that they have heard him yelling at them, because they were running in the halls. Others say that they have seen a shadow glide over the stairs going for the school bell. No one can say it with certainty, if it is true, but you can often feel a cold wind, when the pumpkin party is held.


There are not many schools, that have as many freaky teachers as Sheffield have had. The handsome Ralph Sylla, who made every girl gasp for air every time he walked in the room, he showed out to be a spy, but only the witch girls knew about it. Cedric once apposed of being Collins, the history teacher. And the sweet, but boring math teacher, Rudolph showed her true form, and it wasn’t pretty. She was a monster from Meridian.


The witch girls are properly the most magical students, to ever walk the halls on Sheffield. They are however not the only ones, who have made a name of them self. The famous actress, Dana Lovely, was a student at Sheffield fifteen years before the girls started there. Now she is famous for her movies, at that time when she was at the school, she was known to skip classes all the time. The school started to teach acting, it was the only way to keep her in school.

The yard:

Every Friday afternoon, the Sheffield’s yard turns into a meeting place. The students are making arrangements or saying goodbye to each other before the weekend. While the other are making dates about parties and other stuff, the witch girls are trying to figure out how to complete their newest assignment.

Pumpkin cafe:

The canteen at Sheffield Institute is more of a café than a boring canteen. The witch girls do not only meet there at lunch, but at other times (normally at witch meetings). You often see the Grumper sisters. They are lurking around the tables, to see if they can find some dirt, that they can write about in the school paper.