Meridian use to be a beautiful and life swelling city, but after Phobos tyranny the hole planet lost its light. The planet has always been ruled by a queen, the first queen was named Lerin. She is of Escanor roots, which means she was part of the first humans on Metaworld (name of the planet) who walked through one of the portals. She became the first in a very long line of queen in Metaworld. The queens of Metaworld are very powerful, and they have the energy of light as well as the element in them. Elyon is the queen now, this came to be because of her brother.

Elyon and Phobos parents mysteriously diapered, and Phobos as the oldest gained control (Elyon was just a baby). He became insane with power, and he began to drain Metaworld of all its magic. Elyon was next on the list. She was fortunately saved in the last second, by her nanny Galgheita (the girls future math teacher). She and two of the commanders (they later pretend to be her parents) of Meridian escaped to earth.

At this time Kandrakar had sensed the trouble, and they were afraid that Phobos wouldn’t stop with just Metaworld. So they put up the veil to keep everything in and made sure nothing came in. Elyon was kept in hiding for 12 years, without her knowing she was the princess of a kingdom far away.

Phobos kept searching for her throughout the years, and he eventually found her. He began to send his faithful servants Cedric and Vathek through the cracks in the veil, and  tt did not take long before they had her convinced she had been taken into the dark by Galgheita, witch and her “parents”. She follows them through the veil, and lives in the lies of her brother.

Witch begins to go through the veil to rescue Elyon. They fail many times, and they are about to give up, the only one who keeps believing in Elyon is Cornelia. They help her to see through the lies of her brother, and she finally comes around. She ends up in a dual with Phobos, where she wins. The light and life is restored to Meridian once again.


Witch job in Meridian:

Witch assignment in Meridian, wasn’t in Meridian at all. They were send out on their first mission, they were only meant to close the twelve portals, that Phobos had made. For this they were given the map of the portals. They soon realized that the job was bigger that this. They came to understand that Meridian was in sorrow, and when their friend Elyon was taken there, they had to do something.

The council of Kandrakar was very frustrated with the girls, that they did not just stay with the assignment. The oracle on the other hand thought it was best that the girls did the job in their way. The one most resistant was Luba, she would after the job was done take action. In the mean wile Witch was thrown in the one danger after the other. They however made Elyon change side again, and helped the resistance to get the crown away from Phobos.