Kandrakar is said to be the centre of the universe, and housing the protection of all planets and beings. The one in control is the Oracle, he will with the help of the council of Kandrakar, judge the faith of planets. The oracle and the council then elect five guardians, who will represent Kandrakar, and do all the field work. Kandrakar was founded by the five nymphs. Xin Jing who most of us already know as the nymph of the elements, she is part of a legend that tells how Kandrakars came to be. The four other nymphs were named Oneide, Téa, Ebla and N’ghala. Oneide was the nymph of life, and made everything possible. Téa was the nymph of the sun, she made Kandrakar bloom. Elba was the nymph of the moon, she gave Kandracan its magic, and N’ghala was the nymph of the stars.

The road to Kandrakar, have been told by Yan Lin. She told Hay Lin that to get to Kandrakar you had to walk the air-coloured bridge. Though we have seen many ways to get to Kandrakar. The girls got permission to go to Kandrakar by their own will, the  oracle is the only one who can give this permission. The girls don’t even need the heart to travel there. We have not yet seen the air-coloured bridge Yan Lin talked about.



Kandrakar looks like a big sterile fortress. It is in all white and light blue colours. The looks of it is very heavenly and is sort of a dream world. The inside of Kandrakar is much like the outside, all same colour and dream like style. The fortress is en constant change, most of the rooms are changing shape and size. The members of the council also have a room each (we have been in Yan Lin’s room once) and they are able to change it as they please, here they also have private bathing and sleeping areas. The oracle however is in total charge of the overall looks of the fortress. When Endarno/Phobos was the oracle he changed the inside of the fortress to a much more gothic style, and much more medieval majestic style, with a lot of red and gold.

The council of Kandrakar is placed in the temple of the congregation. This is also where the oracle goes public with his thoughts and decisions. In the middle of this room (where the oracle is placed) there is a small pool where the oracle can see the saturation of where ever he’d like. There is a prison which is located some where both inside the fortress and in a tower at the end of the empire of Kandrakar. Yan Lin was once the keeper of the key to this place. Each prison cell is designed to keep the specific person locked inside. The cell for Elyon was designed to slowly drain her of her powers, and the chains where resistant to her power of light.

Another room worth mentioning, is the room which Yan Lin showed to girls where the girls could see all the past guardians carved into the walls. This is one of the countless meditation rooms on Kandrakar. These is mostly used by the Oracle.

Another very important room is the chamber of the aruameres. This is the room where the elements can be overlooked be a keeper. This use to be Luba, but she interacted with the elements and the caused a chain reaction, which made all of the elements end up in only Cornelia. This lead to another reaction, when all elements end up in one person, the old guardian Nerissa is awoken.