General information:

The city of Heatherfield has 700.000 inhabitants, and is a modern city. It is only about 120 years old. The city has a very big harbor, the most of the city lies near the ocean. The city lives on its trading and tourism, the main export is fish. It is a very compact city filled with malls, sport arenas and restaurants. Though the city is filled activity and haste, the streets are pretty clean and on the surface the houses look very looked after.

The weather in Heatherfield is very grey most of the yeah, but in summer the sun is alway high, and the beach is the perfect place for an icecream.

Though the city is known to be very rich, there are some homeless. That was proved early on, when Cornelia made a house for him to sleep in. The city has a lot of nature in the middle of all the skyscrapers and apartments, there are several parks and planted trees by the shopping streets. Heatherfield is a rather large city, but there is a very high public transport. The public transport is mainly busses, but we know that Heatherfield also has a train station and an airport.

Witch in Heathfield:

Will lives in an apartment in the suburbs of Heatherfield, she and Irma are the ones who live the farest away from each other. Irma lives in a small house by the ocean, it is pretty close to the police, so her father doesn’t have that long to work. Taranee also lives by the ocean, in a small house as well, though the house Irma lives in was build later that Taranee’s. Cornelia lives in the rich part of Heatherfield, called Garden Plaza, it is a very big 2 floored apartment. Hay Lin lives near the city centre, on top of the family restaurant.

Swimming pool:

Here Will has it like a fish in the water, several times a week. She trains hard and compete in countless competitions for the school. The modern pool in Heatherfield is much better than the one Will was use to in Fadden Hills. Will has off cause set a new record, since she moved to Heatherfield. The pool was nearly blown up, when Elyon was back in Heatherfield to exterminate the girls. Irma saved Will that day, she came in the last second. It was also here Will meet Mandy Anderson for the first time. Whom the thought was trying to steal Matt, but now they are really good friends.


This is the finest restaurant in all of Heatherfield. Everything in there is almost taken out of an old Hollywood movie – everything from the fine dressed waiters to the music in the background. When Matt asked Will out, it was here he meant to take her. Will was so shy, that her cheeks were all red, and she couldn’t speak at all. Matt was also really quiet, when he realised he had forgotten his wallet the tension was gone, and they went to Golden instead.

The Olsens pet shop:

On Almond Street 12, Matt’s granddad owns a small pet shop. Here Will use to hang out two times a week in the afternoons, as an extra help. Though she gave the job to Orube, because she needed the extra money. Will love animals especially the kittens and puppies. But she can’t stand the old parrot. It almost told Matt at one time about Will’s feelings for him.

The Zot:

Is a club in Heatherfield. The girls are actually too young to get in there, but that didn’t stop Irma. She was in love with a guy named Andrew Hornby from school. Without any of the girls knowing it, she transformed to look older, and sneak inside the club. He couldn’t get his eyes off Irma that night, and he offered to drive her home. When he tried to kiss her, she turned him into a frog. Then she had to come clean to the other girls, so they could help find him again, since he jumped out the window.

Rock and Roll café:

Rock and Roll café in Heatherfield, is a small and cosy place where the cool and popular meet to have a good time. You can buy a lot of different here all from sandwiches to pies and chips. Every Friday there is “happy hour”. Even though all the popular people hang out here, the girls feel more at home on the burger shop Golden.


Golden is the best burger restaurant in all Heatherfield. The girls often meet up her, to discuses boy problems, over a soda and chips. It was also here Will and Matt ended up at their first date, Will paid that night. The Astral Drops also eat for a huge amount of money here and left the bill for the girls.

The Silver Dragon:

It is not hard talking the girls into eating dinner at the Silver Dragon. Hay Lin’s parents runs the very popular restaurant, and Hay often helps when there is need for it. Though it is deadly boring, and not the most fun place in the world, Hay is very proud of her parents. And then it is pretty cool to be an air guardian when it is time to clean up.

The Park:

When Cornelia is in the mood for it, she takes her little sister to the park. The mood often change very fast since Lillian has a tough time playing with the other kids. Once Cornelia had to drag a screaming Lillian all the way home. In the spring and summer, the girls pack a big picnic basket, with sandwiches, cake and drinks, and they make a trip out of it.

The Basketball court:

Matt, Nigel, Eric and Peter is often seen at the court. That one thing the girls know, sometimes they “spontaneously” drops by. If they not are busy with a mission they play against the boys. Hay Lin is the one in the girls group with the highest scores, the guys can figure out how she can jump that high.