Peter Cook

WERPeter Lancelot Cook is the older brother of Taranee and the current boyfriend of Cornelia. He is very caring and active guy. He is a very attentive brother who is always ready to give a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand.

Before coming to Heatherfield he and his family lived in a called Sesamo (English Sesame). When coming to Heatherfield Peter quickly made friends with the lead singer of the band Cobalt Blue, Matt and he took up surfing.

Peter was once kidnapped by Frost the Hunter and the WITCH girls had to save him. After he didn’t remember anything odd had happened. And he was effected by the magic during a solar eclipse.

Peter is no longer living at home with the family. He kept it a secret but he had been looking for an apartment along with some friends for some time. When he finally came out the family helped along side his friends and Cornelia. He now lived in a small apartment with his friends Stan, Roger and Richard.


Back in Sesamo Peter had a girlfriend Irene but they grew apart. This was a story told when Cornelia finds a picture of the two in when getting Peters stuff packed for moving. Ever since the early issues hint have been made that Cornelia and Peter like each other but not much happened since Cornelia is lost in Caleb. But some time after they split up Cornelia is again ready to love. During the Ragorlang series Peter asks her out on a date. After a Ragorlang attack Peter is ready to tell Cornelia that he has feeling for her but she kisses him before he can. They have been a couple ever since.