~ A ~

Amanda – Secretary of Susan Vandom

Alena – Fugitive from Meridian, mother of Reseph

Almond Street – The street where the Olsens Pet Shop is

Andrew Hornby – First apprearance issue 1, boy, who Irma had a crush on and turned into a frog.

Anna Bannister – First appearance issue 2, Irmas adoptive mother and the current wife of Tom Lair. Housewife.

Ari – King of Arkhanta, has a son named Maqi

Arkhanta – Distant world where Ari is the king

Astral Drops – Doppelgangers Witch made now set free and living their own lives

~ B ~

Banshee – Magical beings from the world Arkhanta. They live in the swarmps and grand wishes to thoses you can capture them

Basiliade – Distant world where they live to become warriors, for example, Orube and the first Oracle.

Bess Grumper – Student at Sheffield,  editor of the school newspaper, and sister of Courtney Grumper.

Bill – The bartender at the pool where Will trains, impersonated him by Cedric once

Billy – The name Will gave her TV

Brown – Last name of Elyon on earth

~ C ~

Caleb – the rebellion leader in Meridian, had a realtionship with Cornelia but is now together with Elyon.

Cassidy – The last keeper of the heart though she started as the guardian of water – killed by Nerissa

Cedric – A servant of Prince Phobos, owner of a bookshop

Chen Lin – Hay Lins dad.

Christopher Lair – Irmas younger half brother

Cobalt Blue – A band where Matt is lead singer and Joel is basist

College Redstone – A school, where Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin are exchange students at

Cook – Taranees lastname

Cornelia Hale – The guardian of earth

Courtney Grumper – Student at Sheffield, editor of the school newspaper, the sister of Bess

Crimson – Name of Frotst the Hunters mount

~ D ~

Daltar – The gardener who watched over the black roses

Dean Collins – A history teacher at Sheffield Institute and the husband of Susan Vandom father of William Vandom

Donny – Bass player in the band Karmilla

Dotty – Waitress at the Golden Cafe

~ E ~

Elias van Dahl – A painter from Meridian, trapped in the painting “Eternal Spring”

Elizabeth Hale – Cornelias mother. Restorer of artworks

Elyon Brown – The Queen of Meridian/ The Light of Meridian.

Eric Lyndon – Crush of Hay Lin

~ F ~

Fadden Hills – City where Will lived before coming to Heatherfiled

Fargart – Small boy in Meridian

Fang – The cook the restaurant The Silver Dragon

Frost the Hunter – A servant of Phobos

~ G ~

Garden Plaza – Apartment building where Cornelia lives

George – The name Will gave her computer

Galgheita – The real name of Mrs. Rudolph

Golden – The cafe in Heatherfield where Witch usualy go

~ H ~

Hale – Last name of Cornelia

Halinor – One of the former guardians, wielding the element of Fire.

Harold Hale – Cornelias dad, director of a large bank

Harry – Student at Sheffield Institute (in the play with the 4 dragons from issue 9)

Hay Lin – Guardian of Air

Heart of Kandrakar – The amulet that Will is keeper of

Heatherfield – The city where Witch lives

Heatherfield Museum – A museum in Heatherfield where the painting “Eternal Spring” hangs

Himerish – Original name of the first Oracle, a warrior with Basiliade

Horseberg – Hated by the students of Sheffield a math theacher

~ I ~

Imdhal – May be a god or similar from Meridian (see issue 8)

Irma Lair – Guardian of water

~ J ~

Jackie – A customer at Olsens Pet Shop

James – Name Will gave her refrigerator

Joan Lin – Hay Lins mother

Joe – Owner of the cafe Golden

Joel Wright – Irma’s friend and band member of Cobalt Blue

~ K ~

Kandrakar – Infinity between worlds, home of the Oracle and the council

Karmilla – Rock singer, Irmas favorite

Kelly – Art teacher at Sheffield Institute

Knickerbocher – Headmistress of the Sheffield Institute

Kurt Van Buren – A member of the gang Uriah is leader of

~ L ~

Lair – Last name of Irma

Laurent Hampton – Uriah gang member

Leafy – Irmas turtle

Lenny – Student at Sheffield Institute (in same class as Will and Cornelia)

Lilian Hale – Younger sister of Cornelia

Lin – Hay Lin’s last name

Lionel Cook – Taranee dad, a psychologist

Louise Lyndon – Mother of Eric, a scientist

Luba – Guard drops in Kandakar, died at the hand of Nerissa

~ M ~

Mandy Anderson – Childhood friend Matt, swims with Will

Map of the Twelve Portals – Showed the locations of the potals between Earth and Meridian.

Martin Tubbs – Stident at Sheffield Institute, in love with Irma

Matt Olsen – Boyfriend of Will, knows the secret Witch

Maqi – the son of the ruler Arkhanta suffered from autism

Meridian – Distant world, where Elyon rules

Mr. Olsen – Owner of Olsens Pet Shop and grandfather of Matt

~ N ~

Napoleon – Grey cat Cornelia, a gift from Will

Nerissa – The former guard who was keeper of the heart

Nigel Ascroft – Ex of Taranees, and a former gang member

~ O ~

Olsen – Matts last name

O’Neil – A gym teacher at Sheffield Institute.

Open Hill – The city where Eric lives

Oracle – Head in Kandrakar

Orube – Warrior from Basiliade, a friend of Witch former member

Last Tear – The magical water with the force of life

~ P ~

Peter Lancelot Cook – Big brother of Taranee and Cornelias boyfriend

Phobos – Prince of Meridian and brother of Elyon

Portals – Twelve portals between earth and Meridian

~ R ~

Reseph – Fugitive from Meridian, son of Alena

Raven – Prophet Cedric impersonates in issue 8

Rudolph – A math teacher who originated from Meridian.

~ S ~

Seal of Phobos – The symbol of Phobos, is also a symbol of the royal family in Meridian

Shell cave – Cave at the beach near Heatherfield

Sheffield Institute – The school located in Heatherfield

Silver Dragon – Restaurant Hay Lins parents own

Simultech – A huge computer company where Wills mother works

Susan Vandom – Wills mom. Manager at Simultech

~ T ~

Taranee Cook – Guadian of fire

Theresa Cook – Taranees mom and juvenile Judge

Thomas Vandom – Ex-husband of Susan and Wills dad

Tibor – A member of the council of Kandrakar

Tom Lair – Cop and Irmas dad

~ U ~

Uriah Dunn – The leader of the school gang

~ V ~

Vandom – Last name of Will


Vera – One of Wills swimming coaches impersonated by Elyon once.

~ W ~

Whispers – Servants of Phobos who live in the gardens of the royal palace

Will Vandom – Keeper of the heart of Kandrakar

William Vandom – Little brother Will, son of Susan and Dean

~ X ~

Xin Yiang – Nymph the original force that lies inside the Heart of Kandrakar

~ Y ~

Yan Lin – A member of the council of Kandrakar, grandmother Hay Lin and the new Oracle.

Ye Olde Book Shop – Book shop first owned by Cedric, later HQ for Witch

Yua – Banshee captured by Ari.

~ Z ~

Zachary Lyndon – Astronomer, Eric’s grandfather

The Zot – A club in Heatherfield