susanSusan Vandom:

Susan is a very caring mom, she was alone with Will when she came to Heatherfield. Shortly after arriving she fell in love with Wills history teacher. They have now gotten married and have just gotten a baby boy. She works at a very big office, and has a very weird secretary. Susan can be strict but is a very warm person. She doesn’t have much spear time because of her work at Simultech, but we know that she loves to travel and see new places.


ThomasThomas Vandom:

He is Wills biologcal father. He has chosen the business life over his family and this gets him in to all sort of trouble. He seeks out Will and her mother once when he was in need of money and threatened to take Will away if Susan didn’t pay up. The ex-guardian sorts this dilemma out in with the promise that he never look the Vandom family up again.


ColinsDean Collins:

He is Wills step dad and history teacher. It was a bit of a shock for Will when she found out avout them, but she is very okay with it now. Collins has the tendency to be on Wills side the most of the time. He is a bit old fashion, but he is a very kind guy.


WilliamWilliam Vandom:

This is the newest member of the family, but he fits perfectly in. We don’t know much about him yet, but I am pretty sure that he is going to play a very big part in the story from now on. Will has recently discovered that William has magical powers. She found him one day up in the air, with wings just like her own.


huggelsMr Huggels:

This little fellow was Wills pet, when she just moved to Heatherfield. He was the reason why Matt and she began to talk. He was a rebel, and he loved cookies! He is sadly dead now. He was hit by a car, and he was put to sleep in Matt’s grandfathers’ pet shop. Will still misses him very much!