ChenChen Lin:

Chen it she head of the family, and of the family restaurant. He is the head chef, And makes the best Asian food in all of Heatherfield. He is a little strict, but also a very giving father. He is all about the Chinese traditions, which he properly got from his mother, Yan Lin. He thinks he has a very good sense of humour, but he is the only one who thinks that. When he has a day of from the restaurant, he very much enjoys looking at nature mainly birds.


JoanJoan Lin:

Joan is the loving wife of Chen. She is in charge of the money in the restaurant, though it is Chen who uses them. She is a very a sweet and loving woman, and she is a true housewife. She has listen many times to Yan Lins stories, and is not the one to tell them on to Hay. We don’t see her soo much, but from what we have seen, she is very proud of her daughter, and she is always there to help her.


YanYan Lin:

Yan was the oldest in the house, she died very early on, but Hay still sees her. Yan Lin is now placed in Kandrakar. She started out with being the oracles right hand, but has now taken his place. She is truly Chinese, and is into all of the stories, tradition and mythology. She adores her grandchild, and lives on because of her. She use to be a guardian, when she was young, and she was the one to pass the heart on to Will.