tomTom Lair:

Tom is Irmas father, who she looks very much up to. He works at the nearby police station, Irma often come and visits him at work, and she loves the action. Tom is always trying to get the rest of the family to follow the rules, but sometimes it is easier to catch criminals than keeping the family on line. Though Tom can be a bit hard on the outside, he is a very sensitive guy who loves his family dearly.


AnnaAnna Bannister Lair:

Anna is the woman of the house, though she is not Irmas real mother, she is doing a very good job. Anna is out of work, and she is an excellent cook. Her profession is cakes, but most of all her pies. She is always there when Irma is feeling down, and she always gets her in a much better mood. Anna enjoys reading crime novels, and that is properly one of the many reasons for her relationship with Irmas father.


CrisChristopher Lair:

Christopher is the youngest in the Lair family, but that however does not stop him from getting some attention. He will use all chances for getting some fun out of the saturation. He is also in the same class as Cornelias little sister. He is a real pain in the ass for Irma, who how ever still loves him endlessly, and she is always willing to help him out with homework, and cleaning his room.



Leafy is Irmas beloved pet. She got him about a year before the witches were united. She uses him as her own personal secret keeper. She tells him everything, and he has a very big place in her heart. He would properly like to live at a more quiet family, one time he hid in the washing machine.