HaroldHarold Hale:

Harold is a very formal man, but that is only because he is the owner of a very big and a very successful bank. He tends to be a bit quiet, but he still gets things through in the home. The three girls would go crazy at each other if he wasn’t there. He always has a clear mind, and he loves reading books when he gets a moment for himself.


ElizabethElisabeth Landon:

She is the mother of Cornelia and Lillian, and a true housewife. She takes care of everything in the home, while Harold gets the food on the table. Her occupation is restoring old artworks. She can be a bit strict, and be a bit too much on Lilians side, but she loves both of her two girls very much. She is a very classical woman, with a good sense of style.


LillianLillian Hale:

Lillian is the smallest person in this big home. She is obsessed with her big sister, and is constantly trying to sneak in a take some of Cornelias stuff. She is a very life full girl, with a lot of heart. She is also very interested in magic and fairies, if she only knew what her sister was. She very much knows her was around her parents, and can get most of what she wants. Her favourite thing to do is trying to give the family cat some makeup on.



She is a very complicated woman. She is all about style and manners, and she has a way of being a real pain in the ass for Cornelia. She how ever still loves her very much. She is a high class woman, and she is always trying to getting Cornelia on “the right path”. She has made up her mind pretty firmly on which Cornelia should and shouldn’t be friends with. On the inside all her intensions comes from the heart.



He is the family pet, but he was originally given to Cornelia. Will gave him to her as a “get better” present, just after Caleb was turned into a flower. He has a magical sense, we know that because he tried to help Caleb as he was getting attacked. He is Lillian’s right hand, or at least she thinks to. He loves to play with all of Cornelia’s toy bears when she is not looking.