LionelLionel Cook:

He is the adoptive father, but nomatter he is still as loving as a real father. Lionel is a very down to earth kind of a guy, and is always ready with a joke. Though he is not as strict as his wife, he tends to give the kids a little more slack. He is very proud of Taranee, and is very supportive. Lionel use to be a lawyer is now a psychologist and the consultant.


TeresaTeresa Robson Cook:

Teresa is a very strict woman, how is all about the rules. She is the adoptive mother of Taranee, and is was a very emotional time for her when Taranee found out. Though she is tough and very strict, she is also kind hearted and a loving mom. She works as a judge, and the family takes this as a very big part of their life. Peter especially makes jokes about it in the everyday life.


peterPeter Lancelot Cook:

Peter is Taranees big brother, and the boyfriend to Cornelia. He is very athletic, but he mostly enjoys basket and surfing. He just moved out, and in with some friends in a apartment. He is the best brother a girl could have. He is always there for Taranee, and he is very involved in her life. They have a very strong bond, and though he has moved out, they still find time to be brother and sister.