vathekVathek was form the start a sort of sidekick of Cedric. He spied on the guardians, did the dirty work and generally just helping Cedric with his missions. Later Vathek is send out to infiltrate the resistance in Meridian and help them invade Earth. After he sees the leader of the guardians (Will) save Cedrics life he decides that he is fighting for the wrong team.

He now helps the leader of the rebels, Caleb. He is send to Earth to get something when he bumps into Cornelia. They return to Meridian together where she and Caleb meet for the first time. Vathek takes on the role as rebel leader after Caleb is turned into a flower by Phobos. His main objective now is to protect the future queen Elyon from her brother. He was there when the reign of Phobos ended.

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