orube1Orube is a warrior from Basiliade and was instated as a sub for Taranee when she chose to take a break from W.i.t.c.h. She was pointed out by the Oracle to help the girls since there must alwasy be 5 guradians.

During and after her part in W.i.t.c.h. she lived in the house of the girls old math teacher Mrs. Rudolph. Not knowing anything about living on earth the girls have to help her. She ends up getting a job at the Pet Shop and being social without seeming too suspisious. She has a never fully explored relationship with Cedric who is on earth aswell.

oooooBeing a warrior from Basiliade she is a well trained fighter, she was even taught by Luba. Orube resembels a cat in some ways. She is very stealthy and very fast. Also she has a keen sense for tracking, this we seen when she trackes down the stral drops after they run away. She has no power over any elements but can make energy blasts.
After the Death of Cedric she choses to go back to her home world.