Mrs. Rudolph/Galgheita

ru Mrs. Rudolph (Originally Galgheita) is a creature from Meridian who at the beginning of the comic was the girls math teacher. Before coming to Heatherfield she helped Alborn and Miriadel in bringing Elyon to earth and keeping her away from her brother Phobos.

The girls find out about her double identity one afternoon when Will have been offered tutoring. Irma think there is something fishy about Rudolph and asks Hay Lin to investigate with her. They break into her home only to have her come home and reveal her true self. She captures the two girls and waits for Will to arrive. Irma manages to warn Will and Rudolph now in her true form flees to a portal in the attic.

They see her soon after when four of the girls make a trip to Meridian to free Taranee from Elyon. They find that she is really on their side and that she is working with the rebellion.

She chooses to return to earth and take up math teaching at Sheffield again. This is to give the girls information from the Meridian rebels.
After Phobos has been taken down and everything is more quiet Rudolph chooses to return to Meridian once again. She is given a photo of the Sheffield Institute and returns to Meridian as the teacher of Elyon.