Himerish/The Oracle

other43Himerish was the Oracle for most of the series. He was born and grew up in the world Basiliade but was later chosen to be the Oracle. As the Oracle, he was the one who granted the girls their powers and watched over them for the first acts of the story.
He grew very fond of the girls and this became his downfall. The council member Endarno (Phobos in disguise) made him give up the post as Oracle because his judgement was clouded. He returned to Basiliade without powers and without any memory of being the Oracle. This however only started a new journey for him, where he found himself once again. Before becoming, the Oracle Himerish was a great warrior of Basiliade. He helped free his people from Sharr the Terrible.
He was put back into the position of Oracle only to step down again and leaving Yan Lin with the job. In the end they both have a shared job of being the oracle.


EDITORIAAs the Oracle he is marked with the symbol of the Heart of Kandrakar on the side of his head and he wears a traditional robe. Before he was the Oracle, he wore a warrior’s uniform from Basiliade.


  • Mindreading
  • Telepathy
  • See the future
  • Visions
  • Erasing memories