Elyon Brown, originally Elyon Portrait.

Nickname: Ellie
Age: 14
Birthday: 31 October
Animal: Chameleon
Element/Power: Light of Meridian
Colour: Pink and green
School: Class 4-A with Cornelia and Will on the Sheffield Institute
Favourite Subject: Art
Home: She use to live with her “parents” Eleanor and Thomas, but now she lives in Medirian.
Crush: Matt and Caleb
Bestfriend: Cornelia
Personality: Kind, colourful and proud
Passions: Drawing



Elyon Brown was born on the 31 October, and is therefore a Scorpio. She lived the most of her life in Heatherfield. She was however born on a planet far away, Meridian. Her parents suddenly disappeared when she was still a baby. Her brother became obsessed with power, and though Meridian always have been ruled by a queen, her brother took the crown. He wanted the power Elyon was born to have, her nanny found out about this. In the middle of the might she took Elyon along with two commanders, through a portal to our world.

WERREWHere Elyon lived a normal life, with two loving parents. Just after Elyon turned 12, her powers began to grow, and her brother soon discovered her hiding place. The Oracle of Kandrakar had however made a veil to keep Phobos from getting more power. Phobos broke through the veil, and send his servants to retrieve her. She was taken back to her birth city, and fell for all of Phobos and Cedric’s lies. She use her powers against the witch girls, but she soon realised that her brother was a tyrant, and she started working behind his back to make Meridian safe again. After Phobos was defeated Elyon feel in love with her best friends ex, who helped they bring Phobos to the ground. He now helps her with her duty as a queen in Meridian.

   Later in Kandrakar, they have elected a new Oracle, Endarno. He is however Phobos in disguise, and he orders the guardians to retrieve the crown of Meridian, or they will be replaced with some new guardians. Elyon is in protest, and she comes with to Kandrakar, and Endarno/Phobos locks her away, since she easily could see through his fake identity. Yan Lin is appointed as the new guardian of the tower, she visits Elyon and tells her Phobos plan. He needs the heart of Kandrakar, The light of Meridian and the crown of light. Witch meets up with the old oracle, who now doesn’t remember who he once was, but they restore peace, and Phobos jumps to an eternity of falling.            



Elyon has shown to be extremely powerful, she is one of the strongest independent persons in the universe.

– Power over light
– Control over elemnts
– Fast learner
– Shield prisons
– Light blasts
– Projections
– Break magical chains
– Shapeshifter
– Force fields
– Invisibility
– Illusions
– Telekinesis