calebCaleb was once a Whisperer, one of the plant-like creatures who work for Prince Phobos in Meridian. Time went by and Caleb grew a consciousness and slowly turned more and more human. He broke away from Phobos control and joined the rebels against him. The two green stripes on his chin is the last sign of his origin. During his time as human and rebel leader he grew very popular and had the support of most of the folk in Meridian.

He met Cornelia in relation to the rebellion, but before then he had dream about her just like she had about him. During the final battle against the prince Caleb was hit by a spell which turned him in to the primal form of a whisperer, a flower. Vathek took care of Caleb in this form for a time but was later taken by Cornelia back to earth with her. After she absorbed the combined powers of all the girls she was strong enough to bring him back to his human form. Luba a council member from Kandrakar intervened and broke the spell too soon. Cornelia cried and her tears brought him back.

EDITORI2He agreed to work for Kandrakar after this and had the task of bringing Luba back after she ran away. This brings him right in the middle of action related to the former guardian Nerissas return. He aides the girls both with his presence but he also teaches them how to teleport. Cornelia and Caleb end up breaking apart when Caleb sees her in her human form. After some time Caleb is allowed to return to Meridian to work as the advisor of the queen Elyon.

Caleb and Elyon developed feelings and are together now. He still works at the Merdian court. He and Cornelia is still friends and see each other at gatherings in both Meridian and Kandrakar.