Part V: War Against Ludmoore

Cedric has been striped of his powers and sent to earth to live among humans. He takes over Ye Old Booksshop as his base while he tries to get his powers back. While looking through the books in his libary he finds the book of elements where the alchemist Jonathan Ludmoore has been imprisoned. All he wants is to be set free, he promises Cendric his powers back if he helps him escape.

Ludmoore sucks Matt into the book to force W.I.T.C.H. to use their powers to open the book. To open the book they have to take posession of the stones of the elements. After the book has been opened they all including Cedric and Orube gets sucked into the book. Now they have to go through verious chapters to reach the final to find Matt and get him out.

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