Part III: A Crisis on Both Worlds

The ruler of Arkhanta, Ari, wants to destroy Kandrakar because the Oracle has refused to heal his son Maqi. The child has not spoken a word, he never smiles and seems as if he is living in a world of his own. Ari has captured a very strong and dangerous Banshee called Yua in the hopes that she could help his son. Not even she can do anything and Air now keeps her as a slave to do his every bidding.

W.I.T.C.H. travel to Arkhanta to try and talk reason with Air. In the group there is trouble already since Taranee is tired of being left in the dark by the Oracle. She decides to take a break from the group and is replaced by a warrior called Orube. Also the mirror images of the girls called Astral Drops have grown a conscious and wants a life of their own.

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