Issue 5: The Last Tear

005-witchTitel: The Last Tear
Original titel: L’ultima lacrima
Published: August, 2001
Pages: 84
Writing: Francesco Artibani
Pencils: Alessandro Barbucci, Donald Soffritti
Ink: Marina Baggio, Roberta Zanotta


The girls are back but not all is well. Mr Huggles is sick from eating cookies so Will takes him to the Pet shop where Matt’s grandfather offers her a job.

Irma’s astral drop promised to go out with Martin, so now she has to. He takes her to the museum. Irma finds a creature from Meridian there and the day after Hay Lin shows that on the map it says that there is a portal open at the museum.

They decide to “break in” but find Elyon waiting for them. The girls are trapped in a painting.
In the painting another is trapped. Mr. Van Dahl who is the original painter. He was from Meridian but fled to earth when Phobos began to hunt him. Phobos tacked him down and imprisoned him in his own painting.

To break the spell that keeps the girls from using magic inside the painting as well as preventing Van Dahl from painting, they have to break into the cathedral where the last tear is kept. Cedric sends Frost to try to stop them.

Back at the museum, the Uriah gang have also broken in but triggered the alarm after a running with Vathek. They are caught by the police and are put before Judge Cook.
The girls enter the cathedral and manage to get the tear before Frost can stop them. They can return home but Van Dahl choses to stay inside the painting.


Anna Bannister
Eleanor Brown/Miriadel
Elias Van Dahl (1st)
Hay Lin
Martin Tubbs
Mr. Huggles
Mr. Olsen (1st)
Mrs. Knickerbocher
Mrs. Rudolph
Theresa Cook
Thomas​ Brown/Alborn (1st)
Tom Lair

Fun Details

medIf you look closly at the statue inside the museum when the girls arrive at night. You will see that it looks alot like medusa killed by Perseus a famous greek lekend and statue.


symbolsymNext we see a symbol that looks like a sun on the hilt of the sword the gang is waving around and that Vathek throws at a painting. The same symbol or one that looks alot like it is also inside the Van Dahl painting. Just above the door to the cathedral.


paintNext is the friut painting that Vathek cuts with the sword. This painting looks a bit like the famous italian painting Basket of Fruit(Caravaggio) from the year 1599 just about the time Van Dahl came to earth.


hunchThe painting that Van Dahl and the girls are trapped in loks alot like the square and cathedral form the Disneys version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


tearThe Last Tear may originate from the bible where a bottle of tears is mentioned a few times.




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