Issue 4: The Power of Fire

004-witchTitel: The Power of Fire
Original titel: Il potere del fuoco
Published: July, 2001
Pages: 84
Plot: Bruno Enna
Script: Bruno Enna
Pencils: Alessandro Barbucci, Graziano Barbaro
Ink: Marina Baggio, Roberta Zanotta



Taranee is still trapped in Meridian. Back in Heatherfield all, the girls feel bad for having to leave her behind, mostly Will since she made the call and feel like the other blame her. They want to make a rescue plan to get Taranee back. First they need a portal.

They find that one has opened in the Shell cave at the beach. All the girls make a double but Will being distracted ends up making one without any memories. They send her off only with notes to guide her.

Elyon finds joy in showing Taranee how the others have “moved on” and have replaced her with a double. She shuts down the vision when Will kisses Matt whom she had a crush on.

The other girls let themselves get caught by Cedric after finding Mrs. Rudolph is on their side. All the girls are prisoners now and see each other again. Taranee thinks they are illusions made by Elyon. When she sees past the lies by reading Wills mid she melts down her cage and all the girls escape.


Anna Bannister
Christopher (1st)
Dean Collins
Eleanor Brown
Elyon Brown
Frost the Hunter (1st)
Hay Lin
Lionel Cook
Martin Tubbs
Mr. Horseberg
Mr. Huggles
Mrs. Rudolph/Galgheita
Peter Cook
Susan Vandom
Teresa Cook
Tom Lair
Whisperes (1st)

Fun details

preFirst fun thing for this issue is the book the math teacher is carrying around at the start of the issue. For those of you who do not read Italian you may not have noticed/understood. But this book is a sort of attandance log.


meloNext is the music box that Hay Lin drops. The figure inside is a creature that looks like a guaridan. If you look at the wings they look alot like the ones the girls have. This gies a hit that the guardians/Kandrakar and the royals of meridian were not always unfriendly.

penA fun detial with no bigger meaning is Wills pen she uses to write down notes for her astral drop. At a closer look you can see it is a type of pen that holds differenst colors.


fireA fun detil about the flames Irma draws and they later find in the Shell cave. There are four flames. This could symbolize the four guradians who are back in Heatherfield. They are Taranees light, hope and beacon.


pyThe little artifact that Mrs. Rudolph uses to make light is shaped like a pyramid. This symbol is use for building civilazation. This may be a symbol of the new world the rebellion is trying to create?



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