Issue 3: The Dark Dimension

Title: The Dark Dimension003-witch
Original title: L’altra dimensione
Published: June, 2001
Pages: 84
Plot: Francesco Artibani
Script: Francesco Artibani
Pencils: Daniela Vetro, Gianluca Panniello
Ink: Donald Soffritti, Marina Baggio


The girls have descided to start practicing. Being Witch is already taking up time for the girls and Will is falling behind in school. Their math teacher Mrs. Rudolph pfferst to help her outside school. On top of this Will finds her mom on a date with the history teacher Mr. Collins.

Irma believes that there is something fishy about Mrs. Rudolph. She and Hay Lin investigate. Rudolph is indeed hiding something. She is a “monster” from Meridan and she traps the two girls. When Will comes over for tutoring and sees Rudolphs true from the teacher escapes through a portal back to Merdian.

The girls take the portal in Elyons house to Meridian. After being hunted by Frost the hunter they hae to return without Taranee who have been captured and is now a prisoner by Elyon. The remaining 4 girls make a copy of Taranee so her family is not going to miss her.


Chen Lin
Crimson (1st)
Dean Collins
Frost the Hunter (1st)
Hay Lin
Joan Lin
Mr. Huggles
Mrs. Rudolph (1st)
Peter Cook (1st)
Susan Vandom

Fun details

facelessOne of the very first things we see in the comic is the faceless Will. From sources online this may be interpreted as a form of identity loss. Given this the dream may be taht Will is have a form of identity crisis after learning she has powers.



More Will. Not as much a fun fact as an observation. But who eats a cookie for breakfast?




When Will hands Mrs. Rudolph her number so she can contact her. It may just be a piece of paper but it look a bit like a business card.



bookA book the girls have trouble opening. May not be the last time the girls have that problem.



phoneWhen Irma tries to break in to Mrs. Rudolphs home she uses a phone card. Thsi may indicate that Irma have a mobile we have not yet seen.




Duing the traning session where the girls use their magic. Notice the difference in the way Cornelia and Irma is holing their hands. Irma is determind and more controlling while Cornelia seems a bit more bound.


tiffIn Mrs. Rudolphs home we see yet another Tiffany lamp.




pineWe see Mrs. Rudolph have a huge bite out of a pineapple. The pineapple is recognized as a traditional expression of “welcome” throughout the South and in areas along the Eastern Seaboard. It symbolizes: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality.



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