Issue 2: The Twelve Portals

Title: The Twelve Portals002-witch
Original title: I dodici portali
Published: May, 2001
Pages: 84
Plot: Elisabetta Gnone
Script: Francesco Artibani
Pencils: Alessandro Barbucci , Manuela Razzi
Ink: Roberta Zanotta



A month has passed since the halloween party, and Elyon is missing. All the girls are at Will home except Hay Lin who is home to tend to her sick grandmother. She gives Hay Lin a map over the 12 portals into the other dimension. The day after Yan Lin passes away. At the funeral Hay Lin spots Elyon, but before the others see her she disappears in to thin air.

Elyon is not the only young person to have gone missing. A boy named Andrew (who Irma has a crush on) has disappeared also. We find out that Irma transformed and went to a party to impres him. When he tried to kiss her she turned him into a frog.

Will incounter Uriahs gang in at the park where they are teasing an animal. She saved the poor thing and makes the first contact with Matt at the same time.

Elyon makes another apperance, and she leads the girls into a trap at her home. The girls escape, and the turn instead to finding the frog Andrew.



Andrew Hornby (1st)
Anna Bannister (1st)
Cornelia Hale
Chen Lin (1st)
Doctor (1st)
Elyon Brown
Hay Lin
Irma Lair
Joan Lin
Martin Tubbs
Mrs. Knickerbocher
Police (1st)
Susan Vandom
Taranee Cook
Tom Lair
Will Vandom
Mr Huggles (1st)
Yan Lin

Fun details

flowersAt the very begining of the comic, we see Cornelia growing flowers for Elyons garden and decorated with glowing stones, which you could find more about here. These look loke lupines. Lupine flower is often connected to joy and happiness, it brings one the inner strenght to recover from trauma. The Lupine also brings the message that new opportunuities are discovered then one finds the way to have a positive outlook.



Taranee asks Will to print her homework. She hands her a diskette. The diskettes were at the time being fased out in favor of te CD’s.



buddhaA fun little detail is when we see Yan Lins room, she has a buddha shrine. This both tells os that the Lin family may origin from Eastern China. Also the fact that Yan Lin is religious is a bit fin since she is part of Kandrakar.




In the principals office we see two items that tells us about the dear Mrs. Knickerbocher. She writes with an old fashioned quill and has a Tiffany lamp also an old item from around 1895.



lairJust before we enter the Lair residence we see that their name is on the brick wall outside. Not that it has much meaning just a cute little detail.



cerealOnce inside we find the Lair family haveing their breakfast. Irma is eating a cereal with an alien on the cover – a hit to her friendship with Hay Lin maybe?



phobosAnd lastly the seal of Phobos makes the first apperance in this comic. The shape ( rhombus-shape) of it seems to symbolize: Time and space as complimentary elements. This rune speaks of the partnership between night and day with the center-point represented as the dawn. Metaphorically, the dawn marks an awakening to all new understandings.


Arabic issuIMG_20150501_0003e

I have a Arabic version of the second comic. In these comics (reprints translated to english) they are not allowed to show the girls with too much bare skin. They have therefore covered up the parts they thought were too showing.





Here you can see 4 of the girls where no bare bellies are shown.




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