Issue 1: Halloween

001-witchTitle: Halloween
Original title:
Published: April, 2001
Pages: 84
Plot: Elisabetta Gnone
Script: Elisabetta Gnone, Francesco Artibani
Pencils: Alessandro Barbucci
Ink: Donald Soffritti



The time has come for 5 new guardians to protect the vail. 5 human girls from earth have been chosen for the taske. Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin. Some of them have already begun to notice small changes in their lives. They can control things with their minds.

At a school party (Halloween) they bare introduced to the character Cedric. A friend of the group, Elyon, set up a date with him for the following day.

The party ends in a bang where the girls show even more powers. The grandmother of Hay Lin (Yan Lin) announces to the girls what is going on with them and their powers. She gives Will the magical amulet called “The heart of Kandrakar”.

Elyon has now met with Cedric and he asks her to meet him once more. Now in the school gym late at night, so she asks some of the grils to meet her there.  The girls never see Elyon there but they incounter both Cedric and his parther Vathek in their true form and it ends in a fight. Elyon is watching from the shadows.



Cedric (1st)
Cornelia Hale (1st)
Dean Collins (1st)
Elizabeth Landon (1st)
Elyon Brown (1st)
Harold Hale (1st)
Hay Lin (1st)
Irma Lair (1st)
Joel (1st) – Background only
Kurt (1st)
Laurent (1st)
Lilian (1st)
Luba (1st)
Martin Tubbs (1st)
Matt (1st)
Mrs. Knickerbocher (1st)
Nigel (1st)
Oracle (1st)
Samson (1st)
Susan Vandom (1st)
Taranee Cook (1st)
Tibor (1st)
Tom Lair (1st)
Uriah (1st)
Vathek (1st)
Will Vandom (1st)
Yan Lin (1st)


Fun details

SailorThis is not know for sure but this might be a Sailor Moon figure in Hay Lins room. The hair looks very much like the main characer from that series.


NickNext we have hearts and a pictures of a boy names Nick next to Irmas seat in the classroom. Who is he? Maybe a member of the band Karmilla?


GangA fun little detail is the shirts on one of the Uriahs gang members. It says “Trash club”, we see Uriah form different angles aswell and his shirt looks like it says “1th league”, pun inteded? maybe.

PeacockThe last thing is a picture in the bookshop, right behind Cedric when we first see him there. A peacock, might be a symbol for him being in a “pretty” disguise or just that he is a flashy person.



Name meanings:

Names have meaning, and after some research online I found out the following:

Will: Firm defender/resolute protector – Willpower

Irma: Noble & universal

Taranee: Variant spelling of Tarani. Sanskrit name which means “beam of light”

Cornelia: Strong willed/wise

Hay Lin: Goddess of air
A female who is an idol and immortal. She is adored by others for her beauty. Goddess can be traced back to Middle English 1300-50.

Yan Lin: “Rest, repose; the swallow; the state of Yan”

Elyon: Has a Hebrew origin in the word “El” meaning “might, strength, power, light” and is a word for “god”

Cedric: War leader, gift of splendor


Alternative first issue

I am the lucky oHollands_coverwner of the first dutch issue aswell as the danish and the italian. The cover of the dutch is acually concept art and was a sort of proto type to how it ended up looking

But that is not all! There is a small detail inside that is different. This might have been the first look of Matt but I do not know for sure since this is the only place this guys shows up. But here he is in the dutch and the italian comic:














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