Part I: The Twelve Portals

Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin are five young girls living in Heatherfield. They find out that each of them have magical powers. They are what is called Guardians of Kandrakar who are a kind of protector of the universe. With the help of the amulet, The Heart of Kandrakar which was given to Will, they are able to transform in to magical creatures enhancing their powers.

There is a veil between earth and the world called Meridian. In Meridian there is a evil ruler named Prince Phobos. He has begun seeing spies to earth to find his long lost sister Elyon so he can steal her powers and destroy her claim to the throne. In Meridian a rebellion lead by Caleb is brewing and creating tension. WITCH will have to work together to defeat the evil prince and make peace between the worlds.

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